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Photomaster Studios
School Photography

 Photomaster  Studios is pleased to present you with our information outlining our products and services. With over 40 years of Professional Photography experience, Photomaster Studios is the right choice for your School Photography needs.


            As you are aware that the present day school photo is a digital product. I have undertaken great lengths to see that I fully understand the technology that stands before us. I am a Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, Master Photographer, Craftsman in Photography and Certified by the Professional Photographers Ass. of America. As one of the leading Photographers in my Community I take great pride in my work and will do everything possible to see that each and everyone of my customers are happy with the results that I produce.


            Our school photography program is designed to make sure that photo day runs smoothly and efficiently. Our program is based on a proofing system where parents decide if they wish to purchase a package from our proof envelope.


            List of Services
Proofs back in 24 Hours (3 Photos of each student)
Finished packages Guaranteed back 10 Days ( average return time is 5 days) We will pay a penalty of 1% for each day late after 10 days.
Bar coded ID Cards
Class composites or Group Class Photos Free to students and staff
Whole school composites or Group photo.
Photo Directories Books
Student images on CD for use with Power Schools and other programs
Team Photos for year book.
Special Events ( Spring Fair, Halloween, Santa Photos)
Fund Raising
Birthday Cards
Medical Alert posters.
Commission back to school is 10% A three year contract an extra 3.5% each year. Free Please give us a call to discuss all of your needs.

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This is the proof that is sent home. Junior High and High School students will have their Student ID card attach to this as well. You can scan the Qr code with your phone to take you directly to the order site or by going to and click on the school ordering line on the site. This site is working now and if you which to visit it to see how it works.

Package # 1   2-5x7, 8 Wallets, 7 mini wallets     $22.00

Package # 2   2-5x7, 4-4x6, 7 mini wallets     $24.00

Package # 3   4-5x7, 2-4x6, 9 Wallets, 7 mini wallets     $32.00

Package # 4   1-8x10, 3-5x7, 2-4x6, 7 Wallets, 8 mini wallets     $35.00

Package # 5   1-8x10, 4-5x7, 4-4x6, 9 Wallets, 7 mini wallets     $40.00

Package # 6   2-8x10, 4-5x7, 6-4x6, 13 Wallets, 7 mini wallets     $45.00 

Package # 7   4-8x10, 4-5x7, 4-4x6, 7 Wallets, 7 mini wallets     $45.00

Package # 8   2-8x10, 4-5x7, 8-4x6, 12 Wallets, 7 mini wallets     $45.00


extras and  Make your own Package 

Retouching $6.00

1-8x10 $13.00     $8.00 with a package

2-5x7 $13.00     $8.00 with a package

4-4x6 $13.00     $8.00 with a package

8 wallets  $13.00     $8.00 with a package

11x14  $22.00

16x20 $45.00


4 Christmas cards  $16.00   

Calendar 8x10   $16.00

5 bookmarks  $16.00

Santa Photo. $16.00

digital files $35.00 or   $15.00 with package 1-8

Extra class photo 5x7 $6.00

Schools Photographed By Photomaster Studios in 2023.

Alderney School

Atlantic Memorial

Astral Drive

Bel Ayr 

Brookhouse School

Caldwell Road

Cavalier Drive

Chebucto Heights

Colby Village

Cunard JH.

Dartmouth South Academy

Dutch Settlement

Eric Graves JH

Gaetz brook

Georges P Vanier 



Horizon Elementary

Madeline Symonds

Oldfield school

Porters Lake

Ridgecliff Middle

Robert K Turner

Sycamore lane

Smokey Drive

Santa photo4x5psd.jpg
School Years Caldwell Road Cole psd.jpg

Our photos are kept on file for many years. We offer to the graduating class this composite of all the years they attended that school. School photos from past years can be ordered at any time, though the same ordering web site. We have had families that had a flood, fire or have just lost the photos, come to us and they are able to quickly get their lost memories back just like new.

Our Grad photos will be placed on our Secure Web Store. Each student will have a separate pass code to access only their photos. Grad photos sessions have about 16 photos of each student. The web page is up for the whole school year for them to order. So they are not limited to a timeline to order. To this page we will add their prom photos and graduation photos on the stage, they will get a email notification of when changes are made to the web page. If a student has no access to a computer we will make a proof sheet up for them. They can order by mail, phone or by coming into the studio. All Grad photos will be sent home by Canada Post, with in 10 Days of the order. The school will not need to handle anything for the graduating students.

Grad photos

1-8x10 $22.00

2-5x7 $22.00

4-4x6 $22.00

8-Wallets $22.00

11x14 $66.00

16x20 $99.00

All of the Grad photos include minor retouching and print enhancement!
Additional retouching may be required for $10.00 to remove spots on faces and stray hairs and any clothing fixes. All Grad orders receive a print folder holding 8 4x5 images

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